The future of farming

In 2017 I decided to quit my job and take action.

How many times a year do you hear how the planet's temperature is rising? Or how food prices are skyrocketing? And or how  toxic our water is becoming?

For all the glamour that is our modern world, the underpinnings of our society are slowly beginning to erode away.  The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat isn't safe anymore.

Today, a small group of creative individuals are leading the way in developing unique ways to combat our health and climate crisis. Babylon Gardens is working to become the benchmark super-food producer in the United States.  Our vertical farm is located at the Rutgers University EcoComplex and we produce products using renewable energy.

Our microgreen kits are built to help enhance people's health and wellness.  Our kits are made from 100% reclaimed wood, with organically certified components.  Current microgreen kits are not recyclable nor reusable.  We want to change that.

Please find us at Rittenhouse Square farmer's market every Saturday and come share your love!

Jonathan Keane, CEO & Founder

Jonathan Keane, CEO & Founder